Video: Portland nights time-lapse

I love Portland and I love time-lapse videos and so, suffice it to say, I really love this Portland nights time-lapse video. This was the first time-lapse video made by Lance Page. Aside from the footage at the beginning of the video, this video was shot entirely at night. Page says on his blog that this was an excellent way for him to learn the relationship between shutter-speed and time-lapse. When he describes making the video in a blog post, he informs readers and viewers that he even had a few run-ins with the police throughout the filming–all through which he was, I’d say, clearly triumphant. I’ve never made a time-lapse video nor have I studied film seriously. But I have been to Portland. I have been to Portland at night even! And this time-lapse truly captures the look and feel of what I love so much about Portland, especially Portland nights.