New York Shots: photos captured in new york via disposable cameras left out in public

New York Shots. What a cool idea. The idea is this: A Tumblr user, a girl named Katie O’Beirne, recently started leaving disposable cameras out around New York City. Tied to a park bench, left at the Brooklyn Bridge. This project has been evolving for a while now, especially thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that collects funds in its honor. It’s a beautiful project. It captures people, generally their faces, from all over the world. It began with the people of the world who stumbled across O’Beirne’s cameras in New York City parks. The project has now expanded internationally with photography and people lovers in cities across the globe reaching out, volunteering to rig up disposable cameras in their own city. The photos are captivating to view. O’Beirne’s updates about the project are uplifting. These are the kinds of things I love finding out about.