Win a year’s supply of beer at the Whitefish Winter Carnival

For more than five decades, the Whitefish Winter Carnival has been an annual tradition in Whitefish, Montana. The 2012 edition of the event takes place next weekend, and will once again feature parades, ski competitions, a dip in the frigid waters of the nearby lake, and prankster Yetis out to kidnap the Snow Queen. The Carnival will also play host to a unique, one of a kind, competition known as the Black Star Barter, which asks competitors what they would do – or trade – for a year’s supply of beer.

On Saturday, February 4th, a group of daring, wild, and downright crazy contestants will gather at the Great Northern Brewing Company, where they’ll be given a chance to convince a panel of judges that they deserve to win 52 cases of Black Star Beer. They’ll show off amazing hidden talents, offer up prized possessions, and generally try to charm the judges into awarding them the prize. Competitors will be rated on creativity, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and overall awesomeness.

Last year, more than 1000 spectators gathered to watch the Barter, which featured a five-year-old harmonica player and his singing dog, a man who turned his nose into a piggy bank, and a family of four who were willing to part with their two egg-laying chickens and a hog. In the end though, the year’s supply of beer went to a creative duo who came up with a series of hilarious radio commercials extolling the virtues of Black Star.

So, what would you be willing to trade or do to win a year’s supply of beer? Do you have an impressive talent or precious item you’d be willing to give up for 52 cases of Black Star? If so, there is still time to get yourself to Montana in time to compete in the 2012 edition of the Barter. You just might go home with enough beer to stock your fridge for months to come.