TripAdvisor Now Displays Reviews From Your Facebook Friends First

Travel review site TripAdvisor knows that when it comes to travel planning, we often get by with a little help from our friends. Today, the company announced the “Friend of a Friend” feature, which ensures that hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews submitted from a user’s Facebook friends will appear first on the page, followed by reviews from friends of friends. From there, it is possible to ask anyone in the network for further advice through private messages.

Of course, travelers will still be able to see all the reviews from TripAdvisor users on the rest of the page, and the possibility to adjust your privacy settings to limit what Facebook friends can see on TripAdvisor is also available (just in case you wrote a scathing review of a hotel your friend picked out). Travelers who don’t want to see their friends’ reviews can also opt out.

The feature is live now with the exception of China and Egypt. Just visit the TripAdvisor website and then click the “Sign in with Facebook” option at the top of the page.