How to Find Adventure Travel Insurance

Adventure travelers have needs. Insurance needs that are unlike those of other travelers that choose a different, maybe easier path. Now, a major insurance plan provider has what they think is just what this edgy group needs.

With their new Great Outdoors plan, Travel Guard North America has enhanced coverage and benefits, offering a streamlined solution to travel insurance.

“A lot of time, effort and money go into planning active and adventure vacations,” said Carol Mueller, Vice President of Travel Guard North America in a release. “Whether you’re planning a relaxed sporting vacation or participating in extreme adventure, many factors can cause a dream trip to go awry.”

On safari, surfing, spelunking or mountain climbing, the comprehensive Great Outdoors plan covers gear and equipment, along with coverage for emergency medical expenses and evacuation, trip cancellation, interruption and delay, and more.

“Travel Guard’s new Great Outdoors travel insurance plan provides a wide range of coverages and specific sports travel services to help put active travelers’ minds at ease,” adds Mueller.

Along with this plan comes 24/7 access to Travel Guard’s travel assistance and emergency services for flight re-bookings, physician referrals and prescription refills. Plus, the Great Outdoors plan includes additional sports-related concierge services like hunting and fishing guide referrals, coordination of equipment pick-up and delivery, driving directions, and any other requests active travelers may have.

Often though, what makes or breaks a travel insurance plan is not what they cover but how they pay. TravelGuard has a bit of a reputation for paying fast when the required documentation is submitted by fax or email. Some other companies are known for making those covered jump through enough hoops to count as an adventure of its own, trying to collect.

I can personally attest to TravelGuard’s process, experiencing it first hand when injured on a recent trip. It was just 3 weeks from the time I submitted the claim until I had a check in my hand, about half the standard time for many insurance companies.


Flickr photo by Se7en Summits