VIA Rail Canada Debuts Mouthwatering New Train Menu

On most rail systems in the U.S. and Europe, chips and cookies count as “train cuisine.” But Canada‘s VIA Rail system is kicking it up a notch (boom!) with a new gourmet train menu on its legendary trans-continental Canadian route between Toronto and Vancouver.

The menu will include 78 brand-new dishes, which will be made to order with fresh ingredients and prepared on board by VIA Rail chefs. Certain menu items will be regional in nature, befitting the trans-continental voyage. Think dishes like French toast stuffed with cheesecake, roast beef ravioli sautéed with crispy bacon, and scallops and goat cheese sacchetti with truffles served a la nage in lobster bisque.

Sound inventive? The dishes were cooked up during a two-day Menu Creation Challenge, which roped in eight chefs to develop new dishes under the direction of Chef Martin Gemme. The results blow away the honey-roasted peanuts on Amtrak, that’s for sure.

The menu upgrade is part of a larger overhaul of VIA Rail‘s offerings, which include new packages spotlighting specific regions, like the Wonders of Eastern Canada and Rocky Mountain Coastal Circle, as well as improvements to more than 50 rail stations across the country.