‘Black Coral’: Epic Documentary On The World’s Riskiest Divers

“The ocean don’t care if you’ve got family, or friends, or little kids…the ocean will kill you. It’s a good business to get out of.”
-Robin Lee, renowned black coral diver-

Of all of the insane travel and outdoor footage I’ve come across in my adventure travels, rarely have I been more excited for a film than for the upcoming release of “Black Coral.”

A thoroughly researched documentary featuring some of the most mind-blowing underwater footage I’ve ever seen, “Black Coral” takes an authentic and in-depth look into the lives of black coral divers, a select handful of daredevil individuals who just might classify as the biggest group of badasses on Earth.

Prized for its exotic appearance and use in fine jewelry, black coral trees are harvested at ocean depths of upwards of 170-250 feet – a realm where few sane scuba divers will ever dare to venture. Thanks to the dramatic videography of executive producer Todd Winn and his team of Hawaii-based divers, with the release of “Black Coral” images and scenes from this deep-water netherworld are suddenly placed right in front of us for our viewing.

More than just heart-pounding underwater footage, “Black Coral” similarly explores the splintered lives of the divers who habitually submit themselves to the ocean and place themselves at her mercy. In a profession, which consistently includes such dangers as decompression sickness, oversized sharks, underwater blackouts and random disappearance, it’s a wonder that any divers place themselves in front of such real dangers on such a frequent basis.

With the release of “Black Coral,” viewers will finally be granted inside access into the pinwheel of thoughts which inspire black coral divers to throw themselves into the middle of the ocean and lay it all on the line for these elusive coral trees lying silently on the ocean floor.

Shot in high definition the film brings together contemporary and archived footage of over 54 years of diving. Look for “Black Coral” to debut at many of this season’s summer film festivals and to subsequently awe the world.

The above video features music specifically created for the film by the musical duo Métisse. Click here to watch the official trailer on the Titan Arts website.