Hiking The Black Canyon In The United States’ Newest National Park

“Our surroundings were of the wildest possible description. The roar of the water … was constantly in our ears, and the walls of the canyon, towering half mile in height above us, were seemingly vertical” – Abraham Lincoln Fellows, 1901

For those who love the outdoors and unique landscapes, Colorado is home to the United States’ newest national park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Named a national park in 1999, the canyon is 48 miles in length, with 14 of those being part of the park. Black Canyon gets its name from the fact that it’s extremely deep, sheer and narrow with very little light coming in. The first written record about it comes from the Hayden Expedition in 1873, deeming it inaccessible. However, in 1901 Abraham Lincoln Fellows and William Torrence floated 33 miles down the canyon’s river on a rubber mattress. Today, it’s still used for irrigation purposes.

A hike of the park will allow you to experience not only the awe-inspiring Black Canyon, but also unique rock formations, vibrant colored birds, wildlife, plants and beautiful nature surroundings.

For a more visual idea of the experience, check out the gallery below.


[Above image via Jessie on a Journey. Gallery photos via Big Stock and Jessie on a Journey]