New Yorkers Fight Back Against Airbnb Renters

While many travelers enjoy the benefits of using budget-friendly vacation rental sites like Airbnb, residents of New York are growing angrier over the service. The main reason for the unhappiness is when people use sites like Airbnb, they are supporting a sharing economy, meaning the need to make purchases is eliminated and instead people share.

So, what’s the big deal? Sharing is caring, isn’t it? Maybe, but it also disrupts the current economic situation. Moreover, renters are able to get around many legal issues this way.

According to the New York Times, certain residents of Stuyvesant, New York, are angry about the leniency given to this new generation of renters, who seem to be able to do anything they please when it comes to renting. In fact, many are searching Airbnb and similar sites to try to find neighbors who are taking part to rat them out and raise complaints to officials. Certain issues upsetting them include excess noise, mess, bed bugs and the safety concerns that come along with having a complete stranger in the building. Additionally, many of those renting out their apartments aren’t legally allowed to be doing so.

A solution to this problem is still being figured out. For now, legislators and business bureaus are working with these companies to find a middle ground that will satisfy all parties.

What’s your opinion?

[Image via zoetnet]