Gay Couple Sues United Continental Over Sex Toy Incident

On Friday, Christopher Bridgeman and Martin Borger, a gay couple from Norfolk, Virginia, filed a lawsuit against United Continental for allegedly removing a dildo from their luggage, covering it in a foul substance and taping it to the outside of their bag. They are seeking compensation for the invasion of privacy, emotional distress and negligence.

Reportedly, the incident occurred on May 21, 2011, when the couple was returning from a trip to Costa Rica. They had a layover at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, and re-checked their bags without any problems; however, once they arrived in Norfolk they discovered a dildo had been taken from their luggage, slathered in a “greasy foul-smelling substance” and “taped prominently” to the outside of their bag.

When other passengers saw what had happened they began laughing, which caused the men severe emotional trauma.

“I absolutely, fervently believe that this was intentional,” Bridgeman, 34, told NBC News. “It was very sick and it was very wrong and it was just maliciously taped to the top and targeted because we’re gay.”

While Bridgeman and Borger had reported the incident to the airline, the response was unsatisfactory. Airline spokeswoman Christen David explained United Continental had offered the men a gesture of goodwill, which they declined.

The couple’s lawyer, Harry Scarborough, has declined discussing how much money they are seeking, stating they want retribution for attorney fees, mental anguish damages and other compensation.

[Image via JBabinski380]