Calling Barbie Lovers: There’s A Cruise For You

It’s a little girl’s dream (and the nightmare of many adults) – a Barbie-themed cruise. Thankfully, the pink and white Dream House hasn’t taken over an entire ship, but a dedicated area of the youth program on Royal Caribbean ships beginning in January 2013 and rolling out on the entire line by March of next year.

The partnership includes staterooms decorated in Barbie style (pink, naturally), a “Tiaras and Teacups” party, a mermaid dance class, a fashion-designer workshop and a special fashion show where the girls (or boys) can perform their new dance routine and show off their Barbie-inspired duds.

Of course, it isn’t cheap – at $349 a person, the experience can cost nearly as much as the price of a cruise.

What do you think? Is a Barbie experience fun for young women or is it continuing to foster an unrealistic expectation of what young women should aspire to look like? We’re inclined to think that it is lighthearted fun, but leave your thoughts in the comments below.