It’s Friday Afternoon: Find Your Happy Place

Where is your happy place? It might be right at home with a good book on a rainy day. Getting to your happy place may take extensive travel or a short walk. There might be better times to go than others and who we go with might make all the difference in the world. Happy places can be actual places to go or simply a mental state achieved, but everyone’s happy place seems to be different, made up of things that make them joyous. We may not be able to help with inner happiness but this gallery of typically happy places might get things rolling in that direction.


Want to know more about happy places and how to find them for yourself?Gadling’s Laurel Miller has “Favorite Travel Destinations: Where’s Your Happy Place?” or dive in deeper by visiting “10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There),” a blog that tells us:

“The happy place that I write about is not meant to be a physical place, but rather a place of inner joy and peace. Nevertheless, there are physical locations that seem to draw us to that inner place.”

[Flickr photo by moogs]