Live Feed: Watch Felix Baumgartner Make The Highest Skydive In History

Update: October 14th, 2012, 1322: A successful jump! Congratulations to Felix and the Stratos crew!

History is being made this morning in Roswell, New Mexico, as Felix Baumgartner rises quickly through the atmosphere to in a specialized helium balloon.

This is the team’s third attempt after weather conflicts during the week. Mr. Baumgartner plans to break the record for the highest and fastest skydive, rising to an altitude of 120,000 feet before falling from the sky. For the mission he’s been outfitted with a special space suit that will supply oxygen and pressure during the flight, and he’ll wear that throughout the fall.

More than the record for highest skydive is on the line though. If successful, Mr. Baumgartner will be the first human being to cross the sound barrier during free fall, reaching a speed of over 700MPH.

The entire event is being live streamed (with a several second delay) at the above feed, and you can see more details over at the Red Bull Stratos page.

Godspeed, Felix.