Photo Of The Day: Grand Canyon After The Storm

Sometimes, the wait is worth it. After surviving a snow, hail and wind storm, Flickr user oilfighter captured this breathtaking image of the sun breaking through the clouds into the crests of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

In the Gadling Flickr Pool, he recounts the adventure:

It has snowed the whole day at Grand Canyon, causing us to be confined to the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge. Finally, during the late afternoon, the clouds broke a little, and the snow finally stopped. We jumped into the car and drove out to Point Royal. As I walk towards the view point, the weather was beginning to turn south again, and I saw a group of photographers take cover and shouting at each other to run back to the car.

I got setup on the edge as the overlook was clearing out. Finally, it was just me left. It began to hail as I was setting up, and the wind was really strong, which was a good thing. I was betting that the wind would clear a hole in the clouds. Not long after I got setup, the scene unfolded in front of me. It was amazing! The light streaks lasted all but 1 minute, but it was enough for me to take a few pictures. This is probably one of the most dramatic pictures I’ve taken.

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[Photo Credit: Flickr user oilfighter]