Video: Joshua Tree Timelapse

Located in California‘s high desert, Joshua Tree is one of those places that epitomizes the term “starkly beautiful.” With harsh landscapes that are nevertheless filled with life, it is a destination that offers a peaceful solitude unlike any other that I have experienced in my travels. But to truly experience its full majesty visitors need to wait until after sunset. On a clear night the skies will reveal a billion stars overhead and make you feel humbled at their staggering luminescence. That feeling is captured oh so well in this short time-lapse video that was recently shot in Joshua Tree. It begins with ominous looking clouds that soon give way to a brilliant display of the heavens above. It is a remarkable reminder of just how beautiful our world can truly be if we just remember to take time to look at it every once in awhile.

JOSHUA TREE JOURNEY 3: STORM from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.