A Chicago O’Hare Layover Option: Rivers Casino

If you have more than a couple of hours to spare on a layover in Chicago, a great way to soak up some time is at the nearby gambling hall. Rivers Casino is only a few miles from the airport and is an excellent diversion away from the humdrum terminal newsstands and blaring overhead announcements.

To get there, exit security then head downstairs and take the CTA blue line one stop ($2.25 one way at time of writing) to Rosemont. From there, take the only exit and jump on a free purple shuttle bus that runs from the transit center 24/7. The entire one-way trip from the airport on public transportation takes 30-40 minutes while alternatively, a $10 cab will take about 10 minutes.

Rivers casino opened last year on the outskirts of O’Hare airport and is the only casino near the city. On a recent Saturday morning layover, we discovered nearly packed tables stating at $10 per bet and enough slot machines to make any casual casino-goer happy. There’s also a modest dining selection, which offers an interesting alternative to the overpriced airport food.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to renegotiate security upon return to the airport, and that carry-on luggage should go with you, so make sure you’ve got at least three hours to spare before your flight leaves.

[Photo credit: Flickr user conorwithonen]