Video Of The Day: London Landmarks Seen Through Time-Lapse

“When I first moved to London, I was struck by the number of people living in this great city and the speed at which they move from one place to another,” writes filmmaker Lucas Veuve, who created the time-lapse film above that showcases many of London’s most famous landmarks, from Tower Bridge to Piccadilly Circus.

“I wanted to capture how I saw London when I first moved here,” he continued. We think he did a great job. Watch the video and see how many recognizable places you can spot: Big Ben, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin and Trafalgar Square, just to name a few. Even more mesmerizing is the way people move through the city when you view them in this way; Veuve explained he took photos every three-to-five seconds to get the time-lapse effect perfect.

Thanks to Visit London for bringing the video to our attention.