Video Of The Day: Rockaway Beach, 3 Months After Sandy

Rockaway Beach, NY, Three Months After Sandy, GH2 &100-300mm” from David Whalen on Vimeo.

I wanted to go to Rockaway Beach last week, but I went to Coney Island instead. I was just looking for a nice and cold walk on the beach with my dogs, but I wasn’t sure what sort of shape Rockaway was in since being devastated by Hurricane Sandy. While preparing to make another chilly run to the beach with my dogs today, I found this video taken less than two weeks ago of Rockaway Beach. The creator of the film, David Whalen of La Mancha Media documents the damage that still exists in Rockaway today. Rockaway is still visibly damaged from Sandy. Here’s to keeping the community of Rockaway in our thoughts as they continue to rebuild.