Join The Mile-High Club Legally In The UK

If the private jet’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’, the saying goes. Or does it?

A new UK-based travel company is offering up the chance to get down with yo bad self at 5,280 feet. For a base price of £4999, travelers can pay for “the most discreet pilot currently employed in British aviation” to allow travelers to “get rude at altitude.”

This isn’t a joke. You’ll get complimentary chocolates, Champagne and endless sexual puns … until you reach 5,280 feet, (a mile for you less than quick readers) when you can go at it to your heart’s content. A gratis bar is included, in case you feel weird about the fact that the pilot on the other side of the door knows that you’re knocking boots in the back. As is complimentary catering, but with this trip lasting only an hour … we can’t imagine you’ll have time to get very hungry.

Yes, extended flight times can be arranged, but we’re pretty sure you must BYOP (Bring Your Own Partner).

Full details here.

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