Souvenir Of The Week: Kooky Korean Socks

In South Korea, everyone will see your socks because it’s customary to remove shoes in most public places. That might be why Jonathan Kramer, Gadling’s resident Kimchi-ite, tipped us off about the assortment of cheap, colorful anklets everywhere you go there. You might even find a sock vending machine. Designs are heavy on cartoons and bears, but hardly any motif is spared – the gamut runs from staid argyles, polka dots and stripes to sassy statements like boy bands, American cigarette logos, mischievous babies, Obama, schoolyard insults (“stupid”) and your favorite global megabrands (Starbucks).

First person to find a pair of Dennis Rodman socks wins!

[Photo credit: Todd Mecklem via Flickr]