Hotel Fulfills Guest’s Ridiculous Request Involving Bacon

A man staying with his girlfriend at the Woodlands Resort in Houston may have forgotten about the silly request he made when booking, but the hotel didn’t. In the “Comments or Special Request” field, Dustin Wray asked for three single M&Ms (“One for me, one for my girlfriend, and one to split if we get hungry late at night”) and a picture of bacon set on the bed.

He added: “I love pictures of bacon.”

A month went by. The couple forgot about the request.

“I was quite confused when I walked in and saw three single red M&Ms,” wrote Wray, whose girlfriend started laughing at a framed picture of bacon on the bed. Things clicked, and Wray soon found himself posting to (below) and Reddit.

More people have stepped forward on Reddit to share tales of hotels going above and beyond, including one person who asked for (and received) a picture of a dinosaur on a pizza box. Last year, we posted about the Fairmont Winnipeg fulfilling a request for “a pre-made pillow fort and Vanilla Coke.”

According to Wray’s Facebook page, Woodlands Resort contacted him to thank him for the post and offer him a free stay at the hotel for all the positive publicity.

More proof that bacon and chocolate make everything better.

See the full slideshow of the bacon and the M&Ms below.