11 of the Most Stereotypical “I’m On Vacation” Photos Ever

Happy Relaxation Day! In honor of the holiday, and because we’re feeling antsy in our cubicles, we’ve rounded up some of the most stereotypical vacation “relaxation” photos out there. Cue the “foot selfie,” that shot that screams “I’m relaxing on vacation, aren’t you jealous?” or “No big deal, I’m just chilling on the edge of one of the most spectacular sights on earth.”

Here are some of the worst (in other words, most jealousy-inducing) offenders:


1. “Oh, just taking a break in the French Alps.”

nikoretro, Flickr

2. “We have the whole beach to ourselves!”

3. “Channeling my inner cowgirl.”

4. “Owning a boat is demanding.”

5. “My sunset view is pretty decent.”

6. “Yeah, I’m relaxing now, but I can jet off in my speedboat whenever I want.”

7. “What? You mean you’re not spending the day hanging out on Ha Long Bay?”

8. “Hiking the Inca Trail didn’t even ruin my pedicure!”

8. “Just chilling on the edge of the Grand Canyon.”

9. “Vancouver has beaches too.”

10. “My pool is prettier than your pool.”

11. “Life is really hard right now.”