Take As Many Selfies As You Want At This Instagram-Friendly Hotel

In the last year, travel and Instagram have grown to go hand in hand. Seriously, how many photos did you post during your last trip?

Banking on our selfie and hashtagging obsessions, the new boutique 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia has made Instagram a key part of its visitors’ experience. The lobby features a digital mural of Instagram shots, the front desk has a map of top picture taking spots that you should be sure to put on your to-do list, it offers a free night’s stay to anyone with more than 10,000 Instagram followers and there’s a specific booth for taking selfies when you check in, ensuring that you can make your friends jealous immediately.

The photo-friendly theme makes sense; 1888 is not only a reference to the year that the building was constructed, but also when Kodak launched the first box and roll camera, the kind of thing you didn’t need a vintage filter for.

But if you go, make sure you know how to take good pictures: each month the guest that snaps the best Instagram photo will get a free night’s stay.

11 of the Most Stereotypical “I’m On Vacation” Photos Ever

Feet in water at tropical beach
Seo2 | Por Puro Amor Al Rap, Flickr

Happy Relaxation Day! In honor of the holiday, and because we’re feeling antsy in our cubicles, we’ve rounded up some of the most stereotypical vacation “relaxation” photos out there. Cue the “foot selfie,” that shot that screams “I’m relaxing on vacation, aren’t you jealous?” or “No big deal, I’m just chilling on the edge of one of the most spectacular sights on earth.”

Here are some of the worst (in other words, most jealousy-inducing) offenders:


1. “Oh, just taking a break in the French Alps.”

nikoretro, Flickr

2. “We have the whole beach to ourselves!”

Couple lying on a wide beach
jcgoforth, Flickr

3. “Channeling my inner cowgirl.”

EladeManu, Flickr

4. “Owning a boat is demanding.”

tampa bay sailboat feet
Fifth World Art, Flickr

5. “My sunset view is pretty decent.”

feet in a calm lake at sunset
Koijots, Flickr

6. “Yeah, I’m relaxing now, but I can jet off in my speedboat whenever I want.”

speed boat on tropical beach
jking89, Flickr

7. “What? You mean you’re not spending the day hanging out on Ha Long Bay?”

Feet in Halong Bay Vietnam
jonwick04, Flickr

8. “Hiking the Inca Trail didn’t even ruin my pedicure!”

Feet overlooking macchu pichu
MacJewell, Flickr

8. “Just chilling on the edge of the Grand Canyon.”

cogdogblog, Flickr

9. “Vancouver has beaches too.”

vancouver feet beach
keepitsurreal, Flickr

10. “My pool is prettier than your pool.”

tj scenes, Flickr

11. “Life is really hard right now.”

feet in hammock
Karithina, Flickr