Where on Earth? Week 52

Hints are sparse in this photo, so I’ll give you one: this was taken near a very large religious landmark.

Think you know where this is? Leave your guess in the comments, and come back Friday for the answer.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Where on Earth?! Can you believe it’s been a whole year?

Where on Earth? Week 51 – Wolfgangsee, Austria

Good job, Kaca_Leach! It is St. Wolfgang, Austria. Something tells me it was not just a wild guess from you.

St. Wolfgang is a cute little town about an hour from Salzburg. It is a good base for ski trips in the northern Austrian Alps. Dachstein is close. Plus, the stands in the center of town sell possibly the best gluhwein (hot wine) I have ever had. Because of the lake, the Wolfgangsee, it is a good destination in the summer, as well.

Where on Earth? Week 51

This place is popular with tourists throughout the year because of its sporting opportunities. I would call it family-friendly. They do not speak French here. Leave your guesses in the comments, and we’ll be back on Friday with the correct answer.

Where on Earth? Week 50

This place could be anywhere if it wasn’t for the boot. That boot is made of steel and fixed to the rock it’s on. The place is known for two reasons, one of which religious. It’s in a remote village with an ugly lighthouse, predominantly visited specifically by pilgrims, that too only for a few hours. Where d’you reckon? Leave a comment!

Where on Earth week 49: The Citadel in Cairo, Egypt

As several Gadlingers guessed, last week’s Where on Earth was, indeed, the Mosque of Mohammad Ali at the Citadel, Cairo, Egypt. Many visitors to Cairo don’t get up to the Citadel, as it is oft overshadowed by the Giza Plateau, but the Mosque of Mohammad Ali is a beautiful, quiet example of middle-eastern architecture, and a must-see for any visitor to the city.