‘Undercity: Las Vegas’ Takes You Above And Below Sin City

Just last month, Gadling took you on a journey inside the world of urban exploration, bringing you on a behind-the-scenes look at the urban explorers who are inventing new ways of visiting the areas under, above and inside the cities we traverse every day. Today, we’ve got another intriguing look at the urban exploring phenomenon to share with you, courtesy of the short film series above called “Undercity: Las Vegas.”

Part of an interesting collaboration with shoe company Palladium, the film series follows the exploits of urban historian Steve Duncan, profiled in Gadling’s recent feature, along with director Andrew Wonder, as they investigate the subterranean water tunnels and unfinished construction sites that comprise the lesser-known side of this urban neon mecca of gambling and nightlife. In this particular clip, Duncan manages to sneak inside the as yet unfinished Fontainebleu Resort Las Vegas, climbing nearly 60 floors to take in an eye-popping view of the early Vegas dawn.

Though the trespassing on the construction site is clearly illegal, it’s an intriguing look inside the urban underbelly that few Las Vegas visitors ever see. Those interested in seeing the full film can head over to Palladium’s video hub to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this ongoing series.

The Vegas Box – what happens in Vegas can finally stay in Vegas

If you are a regular visitor to Las Vegas, you’ll probably have a list of items you pack, unpack and repack every time you visit.

The Vegas Box is a new product designed to store those products and keep them in safe storage at a local climate controlled facility. The process is simple – you sign up for $99 and will get your Vegas Box delivered to your hotel. Then, when you are ready to leave, you arrange for the box to be picked up, packed full of all the items you don’t want to carry home.

Then, next time you return to Vegas, you contact the folks behind the service and have them deliver your box back to your hotel. Less stuff in your bags means less bulky luggage and no excess or checked bag fees.

At first the service seemed quite insane – but the more I think about it, the more brilliant it seems. Sadly, I don’t get to visit Vegas quite enough, and I’m not enough of a high roller for the Casino Manager to store my stuff for me, but I know several people that make monthly trips to Vegas who could really benefit from this.

The box costs $99/year with 2 deliveries. Additional deliveries are $20 (which includes a pickup as well). To learn more about the service, or to sign up for your own Vegas Box, check out their web site.

Vegas casino fined for dancing gambler

Las Vegas has a reputation for letting visitors get away with all kinds of “bad” behavior. Activities like gambling and drinking on the street get a free pass in this anything-goes gaming capital. But apparently that permissive Vegas attitude doesn’t extend to all behaviors, particularly if you like celebratory dancing when you hit it big at the tables.

Vegas casino Caesar’s Palace was recently fined $250,000 for allowing a player at their high-stakes Baccarat tables to dance and walk on the tables during play. According to a complaint filed by Nevada Gaming regulators, the culprit got up from his chair and climbed on the game table for a stretch of 45 minutes, walking, dancing (and playing) along the way.

Why didn’t Caesar’s Palace stop this dancing fool? It probably had something to do with the fact the perpetrator was playing a high-stakes game. Apparently when there’s big money involved, you can get away with a lot more than if you start doing the jig on top of a $5 Blackjack table. Word to the wise – if you’re going to celebrate big winnings in Vegas, best leave your dancing shoes at home – or at least keep them off the gaming tables.

[Photo by Flickr user Alex Cheek]

Luxury train service launching from L.A. to Vegas

A new train operation launching in 2011 hopes to capture Vegas travelers looking for an upscale ride on their way to Sin City. Called the X Train, the service will whisk passengers along the 300 mile journey in style, boasting a sports bar, gaming tables and food & beverage service.

The company behind the service hopes to capture a greater share of the estimated 12 million drivers who make the trip between the two western cities each year. Trips are expected to take 5.5 hours and the service will initially run from Thursday through Monday. There’s been no word yet on pricing.

We’ve seen how new train routes can completely alter transportation links between two cities like Madrid and Barcelona. L.A. to Vegas by plane is a similarly short flight, typically only about an hour in length. If X Train hopes to beat the airlines here, they’ll need to be careful not to price their tickets too “luxuriously.” Still, the attractive amenities of the X Train look like an appealing way to glide into Vegas in style. Let’s see what happens as the service ramps up next year.

[Via PSFK]

Gadling TV’s Travel Talk 003: Black Boxes, Body Scanners, Vegas, Wedding Bells, & Sushi done right!

Gadling TV’s Travel Talk, episode 3 – Click above to watch video after the jump

We’re back! And this time we’ve brought you a show straight from the Vegas strip.

In this week’s episode – we discuss a new ban on Indian rail rooftop travel, monitoring pilot’s conversations in the cockpit, where the first body scanners will appear in the United States, and a little history behind America’s favorite playground.

Bruce has packing tips for one of the most remote destinations in the West; Aaron will show you the right way to prepare sushi, and only one of us ends up getting married in Vegas; stay tuned to find out who…

If you have any questions or comments about Travel Talk, you can email us at talk AT gadling DOT com.

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