Luxury train service launching from L.A. to Vegas

A new train operation launching in 2011 hopes to capture Vegas travelers looking for an upscale ride on their way to Sin City. Called the X Train, the service will whisk passengers along the 300 mile journey in style, boasting a sports bar, gaming tables and food & beverage service.

The company behind the service hopes to capture a greater share of the estimated 12 million drivers who make the trip between the two western cities each year. Trips are expected to take 5.5 hours and the service will initially run from Thursday through Monday. There’s been no word yet on pricing.

We’ve seen how new train routes can completely alter transportation links between two cities like Madrid and Barcelona. L.A. to Vegas by plane is a similarly short flight, typically only about an hour in length. If X Train hopes to beat the airlines here, they’ll need to be careful not to price their tickets too “luxuriously.” Still, the attractive amenities of the X Train look like an appealing way to glide into Vegas in style. Let’s see what happens as the service ramps up next year.

[Via PSFK]