Acme Studios’ 4FP 4-Function Pen

Sure, I know what you’re thinking: “Dave, a pen? With a ruler on it? What does this have to do with travel?” Are you kidding me? This has everything to do with travel. Whenever I take off on the road, I always carry my journal and a pen. I can’t leave without them because inspiration can strike at any time.

The Acme Studios 4FP is the Swiss Army Knife of pens. The 4FP, also called the “Stanley,” contains a ball point pen, a highlighter, a mechanical pencil, and a PDA stylus. This has been done before, but this pen happens to be the thinnest 4-function model on the market. Are you a traveling draftsman? Look no further. This wonder also has convenient Metric and Imperial rulers printed on the barrel.

This little beauty seems like it would be perfect to tote around in a carry-on bag if it’s as thin as Acme claims. You could whip it out in a flash to jot down your number for that cute flight attendant. After you realize she doesn’t want it, you could use Stanley to fill out those pesky UK Landing Cards. Though, in my case, I’d need it to scribble autographs for the ladies.

The 4FP is available for US$39 from Acme Studios. Maybe you could add a Moleskine to complete the look of a seasoned traveler with something important to say.

(via Boing Boing)