Enjoy free Gogo inflight internet on your next American Airlines flight

If you are lucky enough to be flying an American Airlines aircraft outfitted with the Gogo Inflight Internet service, then how about trying it out for free?

The service is live on the entire AA 767-200 fleet, select MD80’s and is slowly being rolled out to their 737 fleet.

To get online for free, simply connect your laptop, PDA, smartphone or other compatible Wi-Fi device to the Gogo signal. Once you have signed up for the service, use promo code AATRYGOGO in the payment field.

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For more information on the AA inflight Internet service, or this promotion, head on over to the AA Wi-Fi on board information site.

WiFi access with Gogo available on select United Airlines flights

As of today, United Airlines passengers on select p.s. flights from New York to San Francisco and Los Angeles will be able to access the Internet using the Gogo system.

Connecting to the service is simple, and can be done from any WiFi enabled device. The fee accessing the Internet is $7.95 for handheld devices and PDA’s, and $12.95 for laptop computers.

At the moment, the service is only available on one of the 757’s operating on the United p.s routes, but by November 6th, it’ll be on all 13 aircraft in the p.s. fleet.

We’ve taken the service for a spin several times, and it really is a fantastic way to kill some time in the sky. As of right now, there is no official announcement of a rollout to other planes in the United fleet. Still, it is refreshing to see United implement WiFi on their premium service flights, and I’m sure it’ll be very well received.

More information on the Gogo WiFi rollout on United p.s. can be found here.

US Airways and Gogo Inflight team up for WiFi in the sky

Aircell just announced that US Airways will bring WiFi Internet access to their fleet using the Gogo Inflight service.

The commercial launch is planned for early 2010, and will initially make its way to all A321 aircraft on domestic routes.

When the roll out begins, passengers will be able to see whether their plane is equipped with Internet access by looking for a WiFi icon when booking their flight.

Inflight Internet access charges will vary from $5.95 to $12.95, depending on the length of the flight.

This announcement means eight airlines have now committed to the Gogo Inflight service. Previously, Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta, Northwest, United and Virgin America committed to adding the service to their flights.

Some of those airlines have completed installing the equipment, and now offer Gogo Inflight on their entire fleet. Within a couple of years, the question will not be who does offer inflight Internet, but who does not – a very positive development in my opinion.

Aircell adds two new pricing plans to the Gogo Inflight Internet service

Our favorite inflight WiFi provider just made life a little cheaper (and easier) for travelers lucky enough to be flying a Gogo Inflight enabled plane.

Flights shorter than an hour and a half now let you get your online fix for just $5.95, and passengers who are making multiple trips in a 24 hour period can pay a single $12.95 fee for a full day of access.

These new options come in addition to the existing $9.95 (up to 3 hours) and $12.95 (3 hours or more) plans. Gogo Inflight also offers an all you can eat 30 day option for $49.95.

Some minor fine print is involved with the plans – the 24 hour access plan is only valid on AirTran and Delta flights. The 30 day plan will work on AirTran, Delta and Virgin America.

A full overview of the pricing options can be found here.

With 420 planes now in service using the Gogo Inflight service, Aircell is now the undisputed world leader in inflight Internet access. What started with just a handful of planes on a couple of routes, has now evolved into multiple airlines with fleet wide Internet access – all in under 12 months time, an amazing accomplishment. To see which airlines participate, check out this handy overview on the Gogo site.

Think Gogo inflight Internet is cool on a commerical plane? Try it on your own Cessna Citation!

So, we already know that inflight Internet access is awesome. We also know that it is here to stay, thanks to commitments from almost every major airline in the country.

But what do you do when you hate flying with the commoners, and prefer to commute on your Cessna Citation? Well, starting next year, you’ll be able to order your own Aircell in-flight Internet system for your private jet.

The technology used to power the Gogo inflight Internet system will be available as a factory installed feature on the Cessna Citation XLS+, Sovereign and X business jets.

The equipment weighs under 15 pounds, but no price was announced. Then again, if you are buying a $22 million jet, I doubt the price of Internet access is going to worry you one bit.

I could really get used to twittering from the comfort of my big reclining leather seat on board the Gadling private jet.