Flying With Your Dog: New Class Makes Canines Better Airline Passengers

Some people are naturally better travelers than others; so it is with pets. But whereas humans can temper their anxiety or irritation at the airport bar or by downing an Ambien, dogs don’t have that option (although, to be accurate, your vet will prescribe a travel sedative for your pet if need be).

Now, there’s a class available for canine air passengers that’s aimed to keep them calm when going through airport security and in-flight. According to MSN, Talaat Captain, the president and CEO of the world’s largest “aviation-themed film studio,” Air Hollywood, was inspired to create the Air Hollywood K9 Flight School. Given a dog’s acute sense of sight, hearing and smell, it’s no surprise that blaring announcements, crowds, hovering strangers in uniform and turbulence can make for a stressful experience.

For $349, Air Hollywood puts pets and owners through a real-time simulated airport and flight experience (using an airport set and fake fuselage) in order to prep and desensitize both parties to the process. The certification class is focused on in-cabin travel, rather than cargo: Depending upon the airline, dogs under 20 pounds may be allowed to fly stashed under the seat in carrier; service dogs fly free and lie at their owners feet.

If your pup is panicky when taking to the skies, perhaps the above video will help convince you that heading back to school is a good idea.

Traveling With Pets Made Easy With Online Expert

Traveling with pets can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Carry-on pets must be small enough to fit comfortably in a small kennel under the seat. Larger pets must meet minimum standards that may vary between airlines. To fly, pets need a wellness exam, food in-transit and they too will have to go through security at the airport. specializes in just that sort of travel and can make it easy.

“If you’re traveling for the first time with your pet on a flight you need to put some extra effort not only to make the reservation and get the documents completed, but also to train your pet physically and psychologically,” blogged Caitlin Moore, new media coordinator for

The approach designs a custom plan for each individual pet. Clients receive their pet’s flight schedule the week before the flight detailing all of the flight numbers, departure and arrival airports along with the pet’s “Air Way Bill” (or ticket) number. 24/7 flight tracking instructions keep pet owners informed.

“When you first contact, either by phone or email, you are put in touch with a PetRelocation Service Consultant familiar with your destination region who will obtain all of the necessary details to provide you with an accurate quotation and answer any questions you might have about the move,” says on its website.

PetRelocation also only works with “pet friendly” airlines that have climate controlled waiting areas and pressurized cargo holds. Airlines used must guarantee that their dedicated live animal cargo staff will care for pets. When layovers are necessary, they route pets through airports that have on-site pet hotels. has a helpful social element too with an extensive blog where pet owner questions are asked and answered. Their online pet owners community at features message boards, secure live chat and more.

Recently, employees and about 8,000 dogs attended the Great Texas Dog Walk, an annual event held by Texas Hearing & Service Dogs. Austin dog lovers gathered with a goal of raising $125,000 to support the work that they do.

“Moving with your pets shouldn’t have to be stressful,” says This looks to be a good resource when traveling with pets.

[Flickr photo via Dimas]