Belize it or not: Ways to use a golf cart

Greetings from Belize!

In San Pedro, “the big town” on the Belize island of Ambergris Caye, the preferred form of transportation is a golf cart. (Most of the roads are not paved and the main inhabited part of the island is only a few miles long.)

Although golf carts don’t have seat belts, there are some rules associated with using these things.

Most importantly, the first two weeks of each month, you are supposed to park them on the right side of the road. The second part of each month, they should be parked on the left side. It’s only fair to those who live on those streets, I guess.

So far, I have seen a golf cart used as a vehicle for:

  • grocery shopping
  • place to conduct cell phone calls while driving (with a toddler or two on one’s lap)
  • doing “donuts” in sand
  • place for local youngsters to kiss
  • a way to distribute “sticky green” to those interested
  • and, of course, preferred form of transportation for lazy tourists who can’t walk a full mile into town.