Australian puts his entire life on eBay

Is there anyone who hasn’t fantasized about walking away from it all? Some people take vacations when that happens. Others commit suicide. Ian Usher, a 44-year old Australian, wants to put his entire life–everything he owns, including his job–on eBay in one neat package.

According to this BBC story, Usher hopes to raise at least $400,000 for a life-changing adventure after his marriage broke down. As soon as his life is sold to the highest bidder, he wants to take the first plane out of Australia, with just his money in one hand and his passport in the other.

I especially like that his employer, a carpet store in Perth, Australia, has agreed to take on whoever wins the auction on a two-week trial – with a view to a permanent position.

If anyone is looking to take on someone else’s life, the auction will start in June.