A Year of Adventures

Happy New Year! “So what? Broken resolutions and more taxes?” No, you cynic. That’s just disturbing.

A whole new calendar means 365 more days for adventure! If you arm yourself with Lonely Planet’s A Year of Adventures: A Guide to What, Where, and When to Do It, you’ll be prepared to hike, bungee jump, and cycle until the the first tick of 2008.

The book features over 100 adventure travel experiences in 130 countries. Also, A Year of Adventures assigns each activity to the month that is the usually the best time of year to try it out. For example, the book notes that the slopes of Mt. Yasur are at their best for volcano boarding during the first week of July.

Don’t worry, though. The activities aren’t all extreme sports adventures and challenging jungle hikes. There are less strenuous recommendations like cruising the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea and ballooning in Serengeti National Park.

I made my New Year’s Resolution after navigating through this book: “To figure out a way to get more vacation days at work.”