A Cheap Place to Stay in NYC

Unless you know someone in New York City well enough to crash on their sofa, chances are a huge portion of your Big Apple travel budget will go towards a hotel room. That is unless you don’t mind sleeping with three strangers.

Manhattan’s Broadway Hostel offers a bed in a dorm-style room for under $40 per night. Booking before October 1st will earn you a $38 per night bill and a free cocktail. With gas prices still so high these days, that’s actually cheaper than coming to New York and sleeping in your car.

“Hostel” is akin to a swear word amongst non-budget travelers and anyone over 23. Sure, sharing a room with strangers is not what many people would consider comfortable. (Sharing a bathroom is not what many people would consider sanitary.) But the Broadway is ever bit the hip haunt its upper west side location suggests. The rooms are tastefully decorated with furniture that was designed after the Ford presidency (after the Clinton presidency even) and there are regular hotel room extras like shampoo and soap in the bathroom. Anyway you cut it, that’s a pretty swell deal.