Low flying pelican and cell phone vs million dollar car: car loses

Earlier this week, a pig on an airport runway in Zimbabwe wrecked a plane and panicked passengers as the plane was taking off. On Wednesday, it wasn’t a pig that created a travel brouhaha. It was a low flying pelican–plus a cell phone.

Evidently, as the pelican made a low flying move in front of a million dollar sports car–a Bugatti Veyron, the man driving this expensive beauty became startled and dropped his cell phone.

Quick quiz:

What shouldn’t you do if you drop your cell phone in your car?


Don’t do what this guy did. He bent down to pick up the phone.

Bad move.

If you’ve ever bent down to pick up anything when you drive, you know how easy it is for the car to swerve.

That’s just what happened in this case. The man swerved the car right off the frontage road of Interstate 45 near Galveston, Texas and into a salt marsh. Luckily, the salt marsh wasn’t so deep that the car disappeared entirely.

When the police showed up, it was easy to spot the car’s silver grey shine where it waited for rescue 20 feet from shore—at least the part that wasn’t under the briny water.

After the incident, along with gaining notoriety for being the owner of a salted, wet million dollar car, the man did get a call from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. [msnbc]

Four of the most expensive travel products you can waste your money on

Forget the recession, forget the “staycation” (I hate that term). If you still haven’t lost all your money in the global economic meltdown, then here are 4 of the most expensive travel items you can spend/waste your money on.

In the lineup, you’ll find how you can spend $2.6 Million on one airline ticket, a cruise, a rental car and one RV. Yes – this is how you can really burn through your cash like it is going out of style!

The most expensive airline ticket

If you book your own tickets (ie. you don’t get them issued through work), you’ll have often whined about wasting $400 on airfare. If you go abroad a lot, you’ll most likely have clicked “buy now” on a $900 airline ticket. But those are nothing compared to the most expensive commercial airline ticket available – the “first class six continent round the world” on the One World alliance. All for a mere $16,900.

Assuming you ignore private jet rates and airline seats auctioned for charity (someone once paid $100,000 for a charity seat on the Airbus A380), nothing costs more than this round the world ticket.

Even tickets on Concorde used to cost less than this. The ticket allows you 16 flight segments in first class to 6 continents, allowing you to circle the globe in comfort. Best of all, a smart mileage planner can earn enough miles for another free round trip in first class and elite status on any airline in the alliance (as long as they were smart enough to add their frequent flier number to the itinerary).

The most expensive rental car

The most expensive rental car in the world won’t come with one of those stupid “number 1” stickers found on Hertz vehicles, and you won’t earn any upgrades for being a member of the frequent rental program. But if you have a spare $75,000 lying around, you can rent yourself a Bugatti Veyron for the weekend. You’ll also need a spare $262,000 on your credit card for the deposit, so be sure you don’t crash the damn thing.

Of course, your $75,000 does get you the fastest production car ever built, and if you feel lucky, you may be able to bring her to her top speed of 253 mph. Just keep the tires in good shape – a set of spares costs another $40,000. Also, be sure you don’t get too attached to this beauty – she’ll cost a sweet $1,400,000 to purchase.

The most expensive RV

For some people, a mobile home or RV is considered luxurious if it features a shower. Others demand a bit more.

Anderson Mobile Estates designs mobile homes for the rich and famous. Their rigs have 2 stories, and up to 1,100 square feet of space. The entire home is designed with luxury in mind – exotic wood, granite, marble and fine china.

Flat panel TV’s and gaming consoles are everywhere, residents can get online using satellite uplinks and if you find yourself in a party mood, you can invite 30 of your closest friends for a bit of fun in the upper deck. Creative minds can even take advantage of full sound booths and editing suites, complete with their own entrance.

The price for this much luxury? Start thinking $2 Million and you’ll be getting close. Best of all, this thing can be set up in just 10 minutes.

The most expensive cruises

For $319,560 you can spend your next 69 days in total luxury on board the Seabourn Odyssey (that works out to be $4631 each day – per person).

This of course does not include any of the prices you could end up paying for your own private yacht rental, which can easily exceed $120,000 per day!

Other luxury cruise line prices are equally expensive – another of the priciest cruises will sail you around the world in 108 days, for $509,490, also on Seabourn. Of course, these fares are for their best possible suite with 2 bedrooms, a whirlpool tub, walk in closets and of course, butler service.

Norweigan Cruse Line offers one of the largest cruise suites in the world – at 5,750 square feet, this accommodation offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, butler service, a baby grand piano and a private terrace with enough room for 100 people!

At $25,000 a week (a mere $3500/day), it isn’t as expensive as the Seabourn cruise line suites, but the amenities sound like a ton more fun. Imagine inviting 100 of your new friends up to your terrace for a private party?