Low flying pelican and cell phone vs million dollar car: car loses

Earlier this week, a pig on an airport runway in Zimbabwe wrecked a plane and panicked passengers as the plane was taking off. On Wednesday, it wasn’t a pig that created a travel brouhaha. It was a low flying pelican–plus a cell phone.

Evidently, as the pelican made a low flying move in front of a million dollar sports car–a Bugatti Veyron, the man driving this expensive beauty became startled and dropped his cell phone.

Quick quiz:

What shouldn’t you do if you drop your cell phone in your car?


Don’t do what this guy did. He bent down to pick up the phone.

Bad move.

If you’ve ever bent down to pick up anything when you drive, you know how easy it is for the car to swerve.

That’s just what happened in this case. The man swerved the car right off the frontage road of Interstate 45 near Galveston, Texas and into a salt marsh. Luckily, the salt marsh wasn’t so deep that the car disappeared entirely.

When the police showed up, it was easy to spot the car’s silver grey shine where it waited for rescue 20 feet from shore—at least the part that wasn’t under the briny water.

After the incident, along with gaining notoriety for being the owner of a salted, wet million dollar car, the man did get a call from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. [msnbc]