Travel Safe and Bulletproof Your Baby

Complaining to your foot-loose-and-fancy-free, childless friends about how much you miss backpacking adventures in tourist-free exotic locales, now that you’re a new parent?

Worried about taking your baby to a Third World country in the middle of a bloody coup?

Worry no longer: bulletproofbaby is here!

Traveling with young children has never been easier with their safety products, including baby camo, bulletproof jackets, and “my first riot helmet.” Of course, no parent should be without the bomb-proof baby blanket, which is “effective against most pipe bombs and hand grenade fragments.”

Yes, it’s all a joke, but when I hear the lengths to which folks go to protect their kids from every imagined harm, it sure is entertaining. Be sure to watch the video of them testing the armoured stroller with automatic weapons.