Photo Of The Day: Pyrenees

This photo from a trip through the Pyrenees is making me eager to plan my next trip. The idea of backpacking through the mountains, specifically these mountains, and seeing views like this appeals to me. Christoph Sahle is a photographer and physicist based in Helsinki, Finland. You can check out a collection of his photos here and live vicariously through him in viewing them. Wish your photo was on Gadling for Photo Of The Day? No problem! Just upload it to the Gadling Flickr Pool and we’ll take a look when we get the chance.

[Photo credit: Christoph Sahle]

Photo Of The Day: Lost Coast, California

If there’s anything worse than not being able to join your friends on a backpacking trip to California’s Lost Coast, it’s having your friends post photos after the trip that make you sick with envy. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Christoph Sahle is such a great photographer, it just isn’t enough to live vicariously through his collection of Lost Coast photos. The Lost Coast is a mostly undeveloped and secluded part of Northern California. After being depopulated in the 1930’s, the Lost Coast earned its name. The coast’s isolation is now one of its main attractions to tourists, particularly backpackers. Although I have been very close, I haven’t ever explored the Lost Coast. Have you been there?

Photo of the day: Budapest mist

I have never visited Hungary or Budapest, but this photo by Christoph Sahle of a misty day in Budapest makes me want to. Touring musicians, travel writers, and wandering friends have warned me of the city’s immense beauty, telling me I’ll never want to leave should I ever go. Well, those kinds of places are precisely the kinds of places I want to visit. I suspect they are the kinds of places you want to visit, too. I have traveled many a time to places that I enjoyed visiting, but, while there, also looked forward to leaving. Normally those places don’t fall into any decent spot on my personal top travel spot list, though. The places I love most and look the most fondly back on tend to be the places I don’t ever want to leave. Furthermore, I have been living in Austin, Texas for nearly a year now. Having grown up in Ohio and proceeding the live in New York City for 8 years, I am not used to the weather down here–particularly not in this horrible drought. I miss the mist like this so much; I miss the thick fog and the good excuse to curl up with a cup of tea and a book. Maybe that makes me sound like an old lady, and if that is the case, label be so. But these kinds of photos remind me of the beauty in the rain.

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