Rafting “the Fu” (in the Andes)

Apparently, if you’re a kayak-maniac (you know who you are), you’ve heard of “the Fu,” aka the Futaleufu River, spilling down out of the Andes from Patagonia, through Chile, into the Pacific.

Some of the river’s rapids are so technically demanding that they weren’t ridden until 1985 (by a U.S. Olympic kayaker, nonetheless). Well, now that he’s blazed the trail, he’s set up Expediciones Chile, an outfitter designed to help you accomplish the same feat.

An FT reporter did just that, with a little help, and lived to write about it. You can sample the 40+ miles of whitewater and breath-taking scenery that the river offers, including Class V’s spilling right down from the mountains. Tours start from $1,600 USD for an 8-day trip (travel there not included). He recommends using the service and the trip, but recommends leaving your ego behind.