Get lost in the largest corn maze in the world – Richardson Farm, Spring Grove IL

As the summer heat makes way for moderate autumn days, farms around the nation open their doors for good clean farmland fun. One of those farms is the Richardson Farm in Spring Grove, IL.

Located about an hour north of Chicago, Richardson Farm is home to the largest corn maze in the world. With over 11 miles of paths, five different maze routes and a variety of other activities, Richardson is large enough to keep you entertained for a large part of your day (or longer if you get lost.)

Because the maze is split into various levels of difficulty, you can start off with a simple one, then make your way to a 6 mile trivia challenge. Thankfully, emergency escape pathways are located around the edge of the maze, so if you do get severely lost, you can find your way back to the entrance. To add a level of difficulty to the maze, it is also open for nighttime walks, which means you’ll definitely want to bring a flashlight.

On the grounds of the farm, you’ll also find an observation tower, kids slide and zip-line, hay ride, concessions, petting zoo, bike trails, an adult zip-line and Zorbing course. Admission to the farm is $12.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids 3 and up. The farm is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Check their site for opening hours on other days.


Family Guy in a corn maze at 105-year-old farm

In Utah, Edward and Jacob, the two guy hotties in Twilight, have found corn maze fame. At Connors Farm in Danvers, Massachusetts, Brian and Stewie from Family Guy are representing pop culture in an elaboratelyy, mowed cornstalk design.

The presence of both of these mazes is an indication of how many family-owned farms have stayed in business over the years. To stay afloat, keeping up with the times through ingenuity, multi-tasking and hard work is a must. Connors Farm is a perfect example of how many farms have changed.

Back in 1904, when the farm was established, the family took the produce by truck to Boston to sell the goods wholesale. This worked out fine until the price of sweet corn fell in the 1950s. Opening a small, roadside stand became the best option for making money. That move has developed into a family-fun, farm produce fresh gold mine.

Over the years, the stand has expanded to include fresh baked goods, gourmet pastas, jars of jams, jellies and sauces and the farm’s own products. The farm also partially operates as a U-pick establishment where visitors pick what’s in season. The annual Strawberry Festival, pony rides, hay rides, and autumn corn maze have made Connors Farm a multi-purpose, multi-age destination most of the year.

The Family Guy corn maze has turned out to be a brilliant choice. It’s attracted serious, media attention, for one thing. The video after the jump is a fun trip through the maze blended with Family Guy footage from FOX25NEWS in Boston.

There are two weeks left for this corn maze. The last night is October 31.

Largest corn maze in Utah pays tribute to Twilight for a perfect Halloween pairing

Last year American Idol runner-up David Archuleta made it into corn maze fame in Utah. This year “Twilight” gets the honors. Black Island Farms in Syracuse, Utah has mowed its 24-acre maze into four labyrinths that are devoted to the next installment of this teen vampire love story. “New Moon,” also marketed as “Twighlight 2” and scheduled for release November 20, was the inspiration of this intricately rendered seasonal attraction. The efforts have made this maze Utah’s largest.

One of the main sections is the face of Edward (Robert Patterson). The other main section boasts Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) visage. Mowed labels “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” are also part of the design.

Admittedly, these corn field creations make seasonal pop culture sense. Vampires and Halloween do go together.

For teen girls there’s a certain metaphor here–at least for those who are way into Robert Patterson or the character he plays. Here’s a chance to get lost in his eyes, particularly the eye on the left (can you tell why?), although by the looks of the maze, it may take a while longer to get out of his hair. [See maze after the jump.]

According to the Black Island Farms’ website, the corn fields used for the mazes are animal feed, thus not good for munching as you try to find your way to the exit. For sweet corn, head to the Farmers Market where you’ll also find other fresh vegetables that have been grown here.

The last day for the maze is Saturday, October 31. How perfect is that? For Halloween night, as on other Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, you can head into the mazes armed with glow sticks and flashlights.

If you can’t make it to Utah in the next three weeks, look for a corn maze near you. As Scott posted, mazes have become popular seasonal attractions. Several, like Black Island Farms and Cornbelly’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fest, where Archuleta graced a corn field last year, also offer Halloween inspired haunted tours.

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Corn mazes, garden mazes and more via Google Earth

Once a person has seen a video of Sarah Palin’s face in a corn maze, it’s hard to imagine what might top it. This Google Earth video “Amazed” has a response. These mazes aren’t all corn related, however. Some, like the Hampton Court Maze in London, are hedge mazes found in formal gardens.

Where ever these mazes are, Google Earth unfolds them in a kaleidoscope trip to various parts of the world–mostly the United Kingdom.

As a note about corn mazes: They change from year to year. For example, this year The Corn Maze at the Butterfly House in Whitehouse, Ohio is of Toledo Walleye Hockey instead of Sarah Palin.

For the list of where each of the mazes featured in the Google Earth video are located, keep reading. The Butterfly House is not one of them.

This list is found, along with the latidudes and longitudes of each maze on the You Tube video page. Click on “more info.” You’ll also find links to the Web sites for most of them.

1. Dole Plantation Maze; Oahu, Hawaii

2. Spider Web; HeeHaws Fun Farm, Layton, Utah

3. McCall’s Pumpkin Patch; New Mexico

4. “HELP” Maze; Greenwood Village, Colorado

5. Fritzler Maze; LaSalle, Colorado

6. Land of Lincoln Corn Maze; Illinois

7. Peace Maze; Castlewellan, Northern Ireland

8. Hazlehead Park; Aberdeen, Scotland

9. Thoresby Mega Maze; Thoresby Home Farm, Perlethorpe, England

10. Wonderland Pleasure Park Hedge Maze; Nottinghamshire, England

11. Hatfield House Maze; Hertfordshire, England

12. Somerleyton Hall Maze; Suffolk, England

13. de Uithof, Den Haag, The Netherlands

14. Amstelpark, Amsterdam

15. Labyrinth & Tree of Life; Milton Keynes, UK

16. Capel Manor College; Enfield, England

17. Alice in Wonderland Park; Christchurch, Dorset, UK

18. Barton Manor; Isle of Wight

19. Amazing Cornish Maize Maze; Smeaton Farm, Pillaton, Saltash, Cornwall

20. Longleat House; Warminster, Wiltshire, England

21. Foot Maze; Conhold House, Wiltshire, England

22. Crystal Palace Park Hedge Maze; Bromley, South London, England

23. Hampton Court Maze; London, England

24. virtual hedge maze you can walk through; Ruurlo, Netherlands

25. Maze Tree; Emsbüren, Germany

26. Herrenhäuser Gärten; Hanover, Germany

27. Guyancourt, le quartier des Saules; Paris, France

28. Lempdes, Puy-de-Dôme, France

29. Labyrinthe de Bouguenais – France

Get lost in a corn maze!

Fall is here – which means we can all trade in our swim gear for a windbreaker, and head out for some good clean family “fall fun”. One of the most entertaining ways to spend your afternoon is at a corn maze. This year, there are over 200 different mazes, and many of them have been meticulously designed with a specific theme.

If you have never had the joy of getting lost in a corn maze, picture yourself in the middle of a large field, surrounded by nothing but very tall corn stalks. Don’t worry though, a lot of effort went into designing the maze so you don’t get lost for more than a couple of days half an hour.

Most mazes are at farms where a variety of activities are offered, including hay rides and of course a great assortment of fall foods.

The best way to find a local maze is through the inventor of the corn maze – the MAiZE company. This year, there are 200 maze locations, including several in Canada, one in the UK, Poland and Italy.

Every maze I have been to is was a ton of fun, and very family friendly. Admission is usually around $10, cheaper on week days.