Get lost in a corn maze!

Fall is here – which means we can all trade in our swim gear for a windbreaker, and head out for some good clean family “fall fun”. One of the most entertaining ways to spend your afternoon is at a corn maze. This year, there are over 200 different mazes, and many of them have been meticulously designed with a specific theme.

If you have never had the joy of getting lost in a corn maze, picture yourself in the middle of a large field, surrounded by nothing but very tall corn stalks. Don’t worry though, a lot of effort went into designing the maze so you don’t get lost for more than a couple of days half an hour.

Most mazes are at farms where a variety of activities are offered, including hay rides and of course a great assortment of fall foods.

The best way to find a local maze is through the inventor of the corn maze – the MAiZE company. This year, there are 200 maze locations, including several in Canada, one in the UK, Poland and Italy.

Every maze I have been to is was a ton of fun, and very family friendly. Admission is usually around $10, cheaper on week days.