Photo Of The Day: Silba

Silba is a tiny northern Dalmatian island close to the port city of Zadar, Croatia. The island sees its population boom in the summer, from a few hundred year-rounders to a few thousand seasonal sunshine seekers. Closed to passenger cars, Silba is one of many Croatian islands that could have been created to perfectly showcase summer in all of its glory.

This image, captured by Flickr user mmusnjak, is drenched in happy summer emotions. It is a particularly bittersweet image today, the last day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Photo Of The Day: Sunset Walk

Flickr user GogoTheGogo has taken a photo of what looks like the end of a perfect day. The image features a solitary figure in silhouette walking through the grass against a fiery orange sky in Zagreb, Crotia. I love the warm colors, the way the light plays off the little puffs of cloud, and most of all, the anonymity of that lone figure who gets to take this magnificent scene in.

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Slovenia’s Mini-Riviera

With all the publicity the coast of Croatia has been getting lately, it makes you wonder why not many people talk about the coast of Slovenia. Perhaps because it is only 46km (not quite 30 miles) long? Croatia, on the other hand, has over 200 miles of coastline. Somebody got ripped off after the split of Yugoslavia!

I happen to be a fan of Slovenia. I have even heard people compare the Slovenian coast to the French riviera, just not as crowded and pretentious. A few budget airlines fly from a bunch of European cities to the capital, Ljubljana, which is only an hour away from the beach.

(Don’t get the country mixed up with Slovakia, as G.W.Bush once did. Slovakia is land-locked.)