Largest corn maze in Utah pays tribute to Twilight for a perfect Halloween pairing

Last year American Idol runner-up David Archuleta made it into corn maze fame in Utah. This year “Twilight” gets the honors. Black Island Farms in Syracuse, Utah has mowed its 24-acre maze into four labyrinths that are devoted to the next installment of this teen vampire love story. “New Moon,” also marketed as “Twighlight 2” and scheduled for release November 20, was the inspiration of this intricately rendered seasonal attraction. The efforts have made this maze Utah’s largest.

One of the main sections is the face of Edward (Robert Patterson). The other main section boasts Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) visage. Mowed labels “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” are also part of the design.

Admittedly, these corn field creations make seasonal pop culture sense. Vampires and Halloween do go together.

For teen girls there’s a certain metaphor here–at least for those who are way into Robert Patterson or the character he plays. Here’s a chance to get lost in his eyes, particularly the eye on the left (can you tell why?), although by the looks of the maze, it may take a while longer to get out of his hair. [See maze after the jump.]

According to the Black Island Farms’ website, the corn fields used for the mazes are animal feed, thus not good for munching as you try to find your way to the exit. For sweet corn, head to the Farmers Market where you’ll also find other fresh vegetables that have been grown here.

The last day for the maze is Saturday, October 31. How perfect is that? For Halloween night, as on other Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, you can head into the mazes armed with glow sticks and flashlights.

If you can’t make it to Utah in the next three weeks, look for a corn maze near you. As Scott posted, mazes have become popular seasonal attractions. Several, like Black Island Farms and Cornbelly’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fest, where Archuleta graced a corn field last year, also offer Halloween inspired haunted tours.

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American Idol opportunity offered through Walt Disney World

This week begins a new season of American Idol. Perhaps one of the contestants will get his or her own corn maze like David Archuleta did this year.

For anyone hoping to make it onto the show, and possible corn maze fame, here’s another way to do it. At Walt Disney World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, starting on February 14, you can warble, croon or belt it out in front of a Disney casting director at The American Idol Experience.

Those deemed talent worthy who show that they can perform in front of a live audience will get the chance to strut their stuff in front of park guests and a panel of judges. “The American Idol Experience” show has been designed to have the look and feel of American Idol and audience members will be able to vote for their favorite from their seats.

Whoever wins a round of competitions in the grand finale will get to try out for the real American Idol. If you go to this link, there is a PDF file with more details. From what I read, it seems like if you want to participate, you need to go early in order to have a better chance at making into the tryouts.

Hey, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christiana Aguilera, among others have gone the Disney route to fame as Mouse Club Mouseketeers in the 1990s. It can be done.

Click the pictures to learn about other unusual amusement parks, from R-Rated “Love Land,” to a park based on the works of Charles Dickens; from a park with a ride called “Dog Fart Switchback,” to a park that’s twice the size of Disneyland.

Instead of Utah as a ski destination, head to New Mexico

Let’s say you’re interested in boycotting Utah but you really want to ski at an affordable destination. Consider New Mexico. The mountains are steep and become packed with powder; the sky is blue; and skiing is near places worth heading to whether you ski or not.

Consider this: Santa Fe and Taos

I’m not saying that Utah isn’t a lovely state–It’s gorgeous–breathtaking even. Then there’s David Archuleta who is cute as a button. He’s from Utah. So are the Osmonds. But let’s say you want to boycott the state because it’s been suggested as an appropriate response as of late. (See Meg’s post.)

If you do think about heading to New Mexico for a ski vacation, here are details to tip your decision-making in New Mexico’s favor.

  • Lift tickets are $6 cheaper at Santa Fe’s resort than at Utah’s Alta.
  • Lift lines in New Mexico, in my experience, are not particularly long.
  • If you ski in Santa Fe, head to the Japanese onsen-like Ten Thousand Waves for a glorious soak in a private outdoor hot tub. Some tubs are located in the midst of trees that glisten in the snow and moonlight. This is a perfect stop after a day of swooshing down a mountain over and over again.
  • Santa Fe is a place to shop like no other. Friends of mine– who never shop, said they’ve never been to a place that has given them the urge to buy things more than here. Canyon Road is filled with galleries and stores that are the definition of eye candy.
  • The best folk art museum in the world is in Santa Fe. Head to the International Folk Art Museum for a visual treat and a reminder of all the markets you passed through in your world travels. You’ll possibly be reminded of that item you didn’t buy, that very thing that is in the display case in front of you–specifically an odd painted piece of pottery that is shaped like a chicken–kind of. It’s from Senegal to be exact.
  • A meal at Cafe Pasqual is fit for a weekend that’s meant to be special. This is fine dining with an organic, Old Mexican, New Mexican and Asian twist. I can’t remember what I ate specifically, but I was on a date with a guy who wanted to impress. He did. Fine dining doesn’t mean you need to get all gussied up either.

If you head to Taos, you can stop at Taos Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited Native American town that is both an National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

American Idol, David Archuleta is in a corn maze too

Like Sarah Palin, David Archuleta’s mug is etched in a corn field tribute. It took 14 acres to give Archuleta his due.

Some people get all the luck. You can see Archuleta’s version of corn maze fun at Cornbelly’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fest in Lehi, Utah.

At first, a corn maze of Obama and McCain was considered, but Archuleta won out because he’s one of Utah’s own. Plus, with the campaigning going on and on and on and on, Archuleta seemed more fun.

According to this article in the Desert Deseret News, if you visit the maze you can get a chance to win an autographed copy of Archuleta’s album when it come out in November.

Just like Corn Maze at the Butterfly House where Sarah’s face is located, Cornbelly’s is geared for family-style entertainment. Wandering through the head of a person who has captured the public ‘s attention this year is not the only calling card.

Cornbelly’s also has a pumpkin patch, a Halloween themed Fright Night and kid’s activities. There are still a few weeks of fall left for Archuleta and Palin viewing, although by now, I assume they’re turning a yellowish brown.

Both places are open until the beginning of November.

Check out the world’s dirtiest cities

Murray City, Utah: American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta’s hometown

As I wrote in my post about Blue Springs, Missouri, David Cook’s hometown, I wondered about these hometowns during the segment of American Idol where the contestants go back to visit where they are from. The places that are big enough to hold the crowds that gather to cheer on their hometown favorites always seem to be a mall or a football field–not the things that distinguish one town from another or draw travelers to them.

Even though David Archuleta didn’t win, here’s a Murray City post anyway. Its history, like Blue Springs’ history, tells the tale of settlers moving west. In Murray City, the first to show up were the Mormon pioneers, however, over time, the ethnic groups and religions have become quite diverse, partly because of the railroad. Murray City once had the largest ore smelter in the region.

Murray City is also similar to Blue Springs in its population count and its location to a large metropolitan area. Murray City is close to Salt Lake City.

So, what is there to do in Murray City besides troll around looking for David Archuleta hangouts? There is a lot to do if you live in Murray City, but it’s not set up for tourists that I can tell. Here’s what I found to do.

You can tour the Murray City Museum at the city hall to find out about the city’s history.

At the Heritage Center there are dances and various classes that you might be able to stop in as a visitor, but they are set up for town residents, I imagine.

The Murray Park Amphitheater offers performances through the Arts in the Park Series. Just like in Blue Springs, you can golf.

In my impression, Murray City is one of the places to live, and not necessarily to visit, unless you’re on the lookout for David Archuleta. Just remember, the guy is a person and not a tourist attraction.