American Idol, David Archuleta is in a corn maze too

Like Sarah Palin, David Archuleta’s mug is etched in a corn field tribute. It took 14 acres to give Archuleta his due.

Some people get all the luck. You can see Archuleta’s version of corn maze fun at Cornbelly’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fest in Lehi, Utah.

At first, a corn maze of Obama and McCain was considered, but Archuleta won out because he’s one of Utah’s own. Plus, with the campaigning going on and on and on and on, Archuleta seemed more fun.

According to this article in the Desert Deseret News, if you visit the maze you can get a chance to win an autographed copy of Archuleta’s album when it come out in November.

Just like Corn Maze at the Butterfly House where Sarah’s face is located, Cornbelly’s is geared for family-style entertainment. Wandering through the head of a person who has captured the public ‘s attention this year is not the only calling card.

Cornbelly’s also has a pumpkin patch, a Halloween themed Fright Night and kid’s activities. There are still a few weeks of fall left for Archuleta and Palin viewing, although by now, I assume they’re turning a yellowish brown.

Both places are open until the beginning of November.

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