Delta’s seats about to get more roomy

Don’t jump with joy just yet. It won’t exactly be first class.

However, Delta‘s new “Cozy Suite” seats do promise to make economy class seating less of a hellish, crippling nightmare, reports. The major feature of the design is a staggered layout that increases privacy while simultaneously creating a space for weary travelers to rest their heads. It also allows passengers to enjoy 31-inches of leg room (2-inches better than the competition) and the ability to recline without disturbing the person behind them.

Here is the bad part. Delta is planning on installing the Cozy Suite in its Boeing 777 and 767 economy class aircraft by 2010. The impending merger between Delta and Northwest could mean that travelers loyal to the latter company might reap the benefits of these new seats as well. Until then, you will just have to suck it up or spring for a higher class ticket.