Lollipop people in the UK to be equipped with cameras

Lollipop people–the men and women who help schoolchildren safely across roads armed only with their trusty signs–are about to get a Robocop-style makeover, The Guardian reports. The new signs will record dangerous driving and capture car number plates.

The new lollipop signs are to be equipped with cameras in an effort to combat “lollipop rage” by aggressive drivers. In England alone, 1,400 lollipop-rage incidents were reported to councils last year. Dozens of lollipop men and women have required hospital treatment after being hit by cars and others have complained of regular abuse and intimidation.

Motorists’ offenses included driving around a school crossing patrol officer when they were in the road; revving engines or sounding horns while the officer and children were crossing; driving very close to the officer; and swearing and using threatening language.

Lollipop rage? What is wrong with people?