New Zealander auctions off Paris Hilton’s boarding pass

A man flying from New Zealand to Fiji on August 12th found a little surprise at his business class seat. Slipped between the pages of his in-flight magazine was the boarding pass of celebutant Paris Hilton, who had traveled to Fiji a few days prior.

Rather than toss the pass, the man decided to put it up for sale on a New Zealand auction site. Despite his claim that is “certainly has no other value” aside from being an unusual bit of memorabilia, as it “doesn’t smell of her perfume, have anything to do with panties”, the bids started rolling in. The price increased, and the man decided to donate the proceeds of the sale to a local charity.

The auction closed Monday at NZ$710 (US$485). So how would Paris feel if she knew her boarding pass was being auctioned off? Well, she did know – she posted a link on twitter, calling the story “random”.

[via Jaunted]

Searching for Hollywood’s Real Stars

In Los Angeles, the stars are everywhere. They line the pavement on the famous Hollywood Blvd. strip, they sit disguised in overly cramped cafes on Melrose and you can even find them in the eyes of some young hopeful, aspiring actor or actress looking for their chance to appear on the silver screen. However, the hardest place to find stars is straight up in the night sky where you’d expect to see billions. Sigh. Sad, sad, sad… With all the light pollution from the city itself, real star gazing can be a tough hobby to take up in the City of Angels without the use of tools, but there is good news my true star gazing pals.

On Friday, November 3rd, a newly restored Griffith Observatory is set to reopen to the public after four-years of work and expansion. The observatory has long given people the opportunity to view the real stars resting over and directly above the city as well stars over places unimaginable. CNN dishes the details on what Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory now has to offer the public. The Zeiss telescope in the Eastern dome and the solar telescope in the Western dome both remain, but should the night become chilly or you just need to step inside the observatory building, you’ll notice the big, new changes. The building which expanded 40,000 square feet is the house of plenty new attractions which include scale models of planets, exhibits on tides, optics and electricity, and other natural phenomena according to CNN.

It is said that some 7,000 people are expected to swing by the observatory when it reopens next month which is quite heartwarming. It helps me think people are trading in those silly Star Maps (guides for stalking down famous folk) for the real deal.

Malcolm X Birth Site

Aficionados of African-American history should be happy to know that big plans are underway for the Malcolm X birth site out of Omaha, NE. While on a recent trip of the Omaha area, I myself rediscovered and remembered that Malcolm X was born in Omaha and quickly took off to see the controversial Black leader’s old stomping grounds located at 3448 Pinkney Street. At the present time being the state of Nebraska has a placed a rather decent sized historical marker in the area of which Malcolm and his family resided up until he was about four years old. And to be quite honest, I was very impressed with the marker and the details on the life of Malcolm X included. With the exception of a few street signs indicating it is indeed the area in which Malcolm X was birthed, the marker is the only major attraction to be found in the 10-acre green space.

Future plans include the construction of a learning center, museum, library and an outdoor amphitheater where visitors can come to study the times, writings, and teachings of Malcolm X – all of which should hopefully be finished in another two years. If you can’t wait for the project’s completion head to the Malcolm X Foundation online to find out about visiting sooner and perhaps you can stop into the African American bookstore for a conversation with Marshall Taylor. Speaking with Marshall is one of the bigger highlights as he is full of information on the organization and African American history period.

In short the exchange of conversation and the marker is an attraction worth anyone’s time.

Sienna Miller vs. Pittsburgh

Poor Sienna Miller is stuck in Pittsburgh while she works on upcoming film “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.” According to pop culture travel blog Jaunted, Miller told Rolling Stone she needed to get more glamorous films and apparently called the town “Shitsburgh.” Sigh, do these actors and actresses ever get enough? There are people living in Hobart, Oklahoma and Podunk, Alabama who I’m sure are dying to visit a sometimes happening spot like Pittsburgh. I’m sure after her hard acting work is done in Pittsburgh she’ll be on the first jumbo jet to some cozy English countryside or whatever tickles her fancy of course. I’m not saying Ms. Miller can’t have an opinion about where she is sent to work, but there are far worse places than Pittsburgh. She should be lucky the film isn’t called “The Mysteries of Compton.” She apologized for dumping on the Steel Town, most likely for ticket sales.

But Sienna’s drama doesn’t end there – Miller was also said to have been removed from Pittsburgh’s Youngs Tavern when she tried ordering alcohol before providing identification which she did not have on her. It is claimed that Miller ripped off her hat and said ” I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!” Sienna denies throwing any type of temper tantrum.

Are the people of Pittsburg mad? Nope – they have other concerns.

Cuba & Fidel in Photos

We can all thank the folks at Polo’s Bastards for bringing us this fine collection of Fidel and Cuba photos while we pack our bags and prepare to flock over when the time comes. (Coughs.) If you didn’t know already, Fidel hasn’t been feeling too well and Raul is helping out around the little island located approximately 91 miles from the U.S. Whether Fidel has reached the end of the road or not, Cuba is such an amazing country in my book. It’s the type of place I’d like to go sit rolling cigars with an old wise lady twice my age discussing politics and they way things were back in Fidel’s heyday. Of course my Spanish would be beyond broken and her English the same if not worse, but over time we’ll come to understand one another. Wouldn’t hurt if there were some Omara Portuondo humming from a radio in the background either, but I won’t be too picky here and I’ll stop rambling now.

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