Malcolm X Birth Site

Aficionados of African-American history should be happy to know that big plans are underway for the Malcolm X birth site out of Omaha, NE. While on a recent trip of the Omaha area, I myself rediscovered and remembered that Malcolm X was born in Omaha and quickly took off to see the controversial Black leader’s old stomping grounds located at 3448 Pinkney Street. At the present time being the state of Nebraska has a placed a rather decent sized historical marker in the area of which Malcolm and his family resided up until he was about four years old. And to be quite honest, I was very impressed with the marker and the details on the life of Malcolm X included. With the exception of a few street signs indicating it is indeed the area in which Malcolm X was birthed, the marker is the only major attraction to be found in the 10-acre green space.

Future plans include the construction of a learning center, museum, library and an outdoor amphitheater where visitors can come to study the times, writings, and teachings of Malcolm X – all of which should hopefully be finished in another two years. If you can’t wait for the project’s completion head to the Malcolm X Foundation online to find out about visiting sooner and perhaps you can stop into the African American bookstore for a conversation with Marshall Taylor. Speaking with Marshall is one of the bigger highlights as he is full of information on the organization and African American history period.

In short the exchange of conversation and the marker is an attraction worth anyone’s time.