Gadling’s Friday travel tunes – episode 8

Welcome to the eighth episode of our Friday travel tunes. We are a mere ten days away from Summer, even though the temperatures today would trick me into thinking we are in the middle of it.

Today’s lineup is another big mix of tunes and artists – I’m keeping my fingers crossed there is at least one track you can appreciate. And remember – if you think my taste in music sucks, feel free to post your own picks in the comments section and we may feature it in an upcoming episode!

Gadling’s Travel Tunes – episode 7

If the temperature is any kind of indication, I’d say summer arrived early this year. And for me, summer is when I refresh my playlist to a more upbeat assortment of music. In today’s episode of Travel Tunes you’ll find a bit of everything – from The Pretty Reckless, all the way to the soothing tunes of Katie Melua.

Hopefully you’ve got some travel coming up, but if not, grab a cold drink and find yourself a spot in the sun and relax to these tunes. And yes – if you find this selection to suck, please feel free to leave your own top ten in the comments! Enjoy the long weekend!

Gadling’s Travel Tunes – Episode 6 (reader submission time!)

Our travel tunes lineup for this week comes from reader Tony – when we asked readers to drop us a note with their own playlist, I hadn’t expected to receive such an awesome assortment of tunes. Thanks Tony!

So, as is required on a Friday, grab a drink, sit back, and relax to these tunes – and think of travel!

(Apologies for the duplicate tunes, Grooveshark has been having some “issues” lately).

Gadling’s Friday Travel Tunes – episode 5

Still enjoying our weekly dose of travel tunes? My lineup for today includes a mix of several styles of music, along with a couple of current hits. These are all heavily played on my iPhone/Zune/Archos, and are the kind of tunes that put me in the mood to travel.

Next week, we’ll have the first of (hopefully) many reader submitted playlists. But for now, pop on your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare yourself for the weekend with some Gadling Travel Tunes.