Because There Aren’t Enough Reasons to Visit San Diego in Winter, Now You Can Ice Skate

Top reasons to visit San Diego right now:

To help check off the last item, Hotel Solamar, a boutique Kimpton hotel in the city’s Gaslamp Quarter, is offering the Fall on Your Ice Skating package:

The promotion is $139 and runs until Jan. 5, 2014 when the rink closes for the season.

Yes, Horton Plaza also offers lessons.

USA Today on San Diego

San Diego – I’ve only been there twice. Once when I was 8 years-old on a family vacation to see Shamu at Sea World and the only memorable moment of the entire trip was my crying at the bottom of a speed boat when my father let me 6 year-old brother take control of the steering. I thought I was going to die that day in San Diego. The second time was several years later and I had taken a quick day trip down from LA to visit a friend at Pendleton who’d just returned from Iraq. We noshed on Thai food and talked about war and he stopped me from jay walking (apparently they shell out tickets for illegal pedestrian crossing), but again nothing too stellar. Is it safe to say I have to go back for a real look at the city? Absolutely.

USA Today recently featured San Diego in one of their destination guides and I decided to give it a read. From the sound of things the Gaslamp Quarter is getting a facelift. They’re changing the chilled out surfer scene to velvet ropes and a more upscale sort of destination for those that desire cocktail culture. With new boutique hotels and clubs that require the approval of a bouncer to get in, I suppose they are trying to bring the sophistication while remaining more relaxed than cities like LA and NYC. I’m really not going to go on about this particular read. Quite honestly hearing velvet rope so many times didn’t turn me on to want to book a ticket that way anytime soon. On the flipside those who do wish to see this new San Diego sooner than later should take a look at this story.

If there are any San Diego natives reading I’d love to hear your comments or just tell us some of your favorite places to go if you don’t mind a tourist or two showing up.