Traveling Tips from a Backpacking Geek

Thomas Beagle is a shining example of why we love geeks here at Gadling. Thomas and his partner Kim planned a backpacking trip around Central America and southern Mexico, but they did more than just thumb through a Let’s Go guidebook. The duo took a very careful and considered approach to packing for their long journey, and Thomas shares the technological aspect of the trip planning on his blog:

  • Carrying Important Documents: Thomas and Kim scanned their passports, civil union certificate, and other important documents. Then, they encrypted the files, and saved them to USB flash drives. Each person held onto a flash drive during the trip. This is a twist on the traditional approach of carrying all of your important documents on you in case of an emergency. It might be difficult to access the files while you’re away with nature, but it’s good to be prepared.
  • Securing Bank Accounts: They chose a bank that offers an extra layer of security when accessing your accounts over the Internet. HSBC Bank New Zealand offers a keychain-sized device that displays a rotating code for the bank’s website. A thief would need to know your secret login information and would need to steal the device to get access to your account. That’s not impossible, but it’s safer than only using an online password that someone could catch by looking over your shoulder.
  • Protecting Digital Photos: The pair knew they were going to snap a lot of digital pictures on the road, but they did more than sign up for a Flickr account. They also burned CDs of their photos and mailed copies home. That’s a great way to backup those priceless memories in case something happens to your camera’s memory cards before you return home.

Thomas lists a few more tricks and tips he used while abroad on his blog which is aptly titled The Compleat Thomas Beagle.